Best Practices
General Assembly resolution 65/186, in which the Secretary-General was requested to?  Provide information on best practices at international, regional, subregional and national levels for including persons with disabilities in all aspects of development efforts?.

Below you find an example list of "Best Practices" inclusive of thematic areas and priority issues YEWMBA have included within their body of "International Implementation Initiatives". 


Thematic Areas:

  • Sustainable Development: Economic, Social and Ecological Sustainable City Development
  • Law and Rule: International Policy Development, Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Human Rights Learning: International Instrument Youth Internship
  • Women's Empowerment: Economic and Education Development
  • Youth Development and Empowerment: Education and Learning Facilities
  • Sovereign and Indigenous Peoples Rights: Data and Statistic Portals
  • Capacity Building: Awareness and Preparedness Training
  • Peace and Security: Peace Maker Certification Courses, Events, Conferences and Forums


Priority Issues:

  • Domestic Abuse/Violence Against Women
  • Economic-Social-Ecological Sustainability/Sustainable Development Racism/Tolerance  
  • Human Trafficking of Young Girls and Boys for the Sex Trade/Other Forms of Human Trafficking  
  • Refugee Children in Combat/Refugee Issues
  • Homelessness/Poverty  
  • HIV/AIDS and Other Diseases  
  • Climate Change and other Disasters  
  • Indigenous Issues/sovereignty  
  • Women's Birth Health and Child Health/Water as a Human Right 

* All issues with a transparent theme of Higher Learning, Training, Education and Human Rights.

International Mission

 Ye Ethiopia WiyenMahber Be Alem "Ethiopia International Peoples Association" seeks to correct abuses, relieve oppression and carve for ourselves, and our posterity, a destiny comparable with our idea of perfect manhood and womanhood and the purpose of our creation.

That we may not only save ourselves from annihilation, but carve for ourselves a place in the Sun.

In this endeavor, we are determine to seek peace and pursue it, for it is the will of God for man.

Responsible Solutions

The YEWMBA "Ye Ethiopia WiyenMahber Be Alem is an International NGO (Non Governmental Organization) in Consultative Status with the United Nations.  Our International Mission foundation is based on Economic, Social, Ecological Sustainability in teaching, learning and developing methods for implementation of Responsible Solutions.

YWMBA has initiated National and International Initiatives which help in reaching the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, CSD Sustainable Development Goals, and promoting the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

YEWMBA seeks to encourage Africa and Afro Diaspora reconciliation through the utilization of just international instruments and mechanisms that offer responsible solutions for peace and security.

Join us On our journey. 

We welcome your assistance in helping us alleviate poverty, homelessness, violence against women and children, economic depravity, birthing and health related illnesses and many other conditions that develop during economic, social and ecological crisis.